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Workshop 1:

How To Write A Really Effective Grant Application
May 25, 2017 6:00 – 9:00pm
Pierre Léon Gallery at Alliance Française Toronto (24 Spadina Road).

Participants create a summary of a real or potential project for which they might seek funding in a way that makes the nature of the initiative clear and interesting to others. Participants then move into small groups where the projects are presented and others in the group take on the roles of reviewers from funding agencies to provide feedback.

Workshop 2:
Talking to Private and Corporate Sponsors about Funding your Art

June 15, 2017 6:00 – 9:00pm 
Pierre Léon Gallery at Alliance Française Toronto (24 Spadina Road).

Participants learn how working with the private sector differs from working with granting agencies, including a quick review of the points from workshop 1 with working with granting agencies. This workshop will then focus on non-governmental funding options as: private foundations; public companies; crowd sourcing; initiating totally off-the-wall proposals.

About the Facilitator

Mary WWalters has worked in corporate and academic environments as a freelance writer and editor for more than twenty years. She was a founding member of the board of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, a position which included not only reviewing hundreds of applications from community groups, individuals and businesses, but also helping to develop and refine the grant-adjudication guidelines of the board. Walters has also sat on Canada Council writing juries, and has adjudicated numerous other grants and awards competitions. She has been a successful grant applicant herself on behalf of non-profit organizations and businesses, as well as in her capacity as an individual writer. She is the author of Write an Effective Funding Application: A Guide for Researchers and Scholars, published by Johns Hopkins University Press, and has created a series of podcasts for those writing funding applications in three sectors: writers and artists; non-profit and community organizations; and researchers and scholars.

Mary W. Walters also writes short fiction and novels. For more information visit 

Here are some highlights from the previous workshop hosted by The Real Sun, Making a Living Making Art at the Gardiner Museum, Aug 31, 2016. Stay tuned on Summer 2017 for these workshop to be made into online versions!

Making a Living Making Art @ The Gardiner Museum