Charlotte L Design

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Charlotte L design is a home-based design atelier. Most of the porcelain painting products showcases at and Charlotte Lee has painted porcelain painting for a decade and has displayed most of her artworks at CNE for years. Now she starts implying Sumi-e painting technique onto procelain wares. Porcelain Painting a.k.a. China painting is a painting technique we can see in the old Wedgwood, William Ashley and Royal Doulton china wares. As time goes by, decals replaces hand painted porcelain wares, in order to pursue high efficiency and lower cost. Every product here is hand painted with traditional china paints and each layer of the colors is fired in kiln at 1200 F once or more in order to achieve the level of hue. Prices are set based on the frequency of firings. Except for those with gold, wood and metal, all of them can be used in microwave, dishwasher and oven.

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