Thats Womens Work

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That's Women's Work Arts Network will be non-profit arts gallery for self-identifying women artists. Mission Statement To acknowledge women's work as art and women's art as work, through a social justice framework via an arts gallery and community rental space. Also, for self-identifying women to earning a living wage from their arts. Vision Statement To elevate the status and value of women's arts in traditional and non-traditional mediums. We are open to all art forms from traditional crafts, textiles, fine arts, dance and performance to new media and interdisciplinary work. Our goal is a living wage from work in the arts. TWWAN aims to provide free and/or affordable opportunities for connection to community, professional development and sale and exhibition of art. Description That's Women's Work is comprised of three integrative components 1) The Women's Arts Gallery- Open to all art forms - from traditional crafts to music, poetry, photography, performance art, animation, fashion and everything in between. 2) Rentals of the Community Space 3) That's Women's Work events, programs, workshops and conferences held within the gallery and/or community rental space Currently we are fundraising for a rental space on Roncesvalles Ave. in Toronto Ontario. We are also planning to open a community rental space to act as an incubator for community organizations and the operation of conferences, workshops and classes. Please explore our website, look at what we've accomplished in such a short period of time as well as our upcoming events, see what the local media has to saw about TWWAN and connect with us via email or through our enewsletter!

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