Theatre Passe Muraille

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TPM provides guidance, expertise, space and opportunity to people, artists and companies. In tandem, we aspire to embody compassion, respect and integrity in all our actions. We embrace our role as a home of new work development. We develop models of creation that allow TPM to support projects in various stages of development. This includes a model that allows projects to grow and change in front of an audience over an extended time period. This enables projects to benefit from the experience of audience engagement and continue to develop and reach full potential. Our building is a cauldron for all kinds of activity. There are music concerts, dance, comedy and a wide variety of performing arts activities, plus readings, workshops, installations, public talks or debates and local community meetings. We began the process this year of involving our neighbourhood in our activities. We are venturing outside our building to explore the neighbourhood with work that is embedded in its surroundings, showcasing stories from our community. What follows are some examples. Recently we had our first Craft Sale, inviting local artisans to sell their wares in the theatre. From 11am - 4pm, over twenty vendors set up shop in the Mainspace. The local community shopped their way through knitted wear, jewelry, visual art, wood burned crafts and accessories. We have a number of neighbourhood tours planned for the spring and this fall we had one led by our Ward Councilor, Adam Vaughan. He gave people a tour of the Alexandra Park area and our back alleys. Adam Vaughan has also held several ward meetings in our theatre. The Big Win features Maja Ardal, Sally Han, Mary Francis Moore, Sedina Fiati, Bea Pizano, Edda Kristinsson and Anusree Roy. The collective is researching a piece that links the "lottery" dream of coming to Canada for a better life to the "lottery" dream of wealth. With our support, they will be hold workshops and make presentations in and around our Alexandra Park neighbourhood. 90% of the residents originate from ethno cultural communities and 64% are new Canadians. This coming spring FIXT POINT and TPM are collaborating on The Tale of a Town. This site-specific work will take place in a shop front on Queen Street to incorporate the local businesses This partnership will be an effective way to connect to the businesses and everyday sidewalk public that surround us and to build a model for off-site co-productions with emerging companies in Toronto. Our future focus lies in welcoming the local community into the space and erasing any stigma, intimidation or unawareness of what this theatre is. Along with the annual craft sale, we will launch community movie nights in partnership with LIFT (Liason of Independent Film Makers) we also want to find funds to build a community garden on our roof. We are currently exploring a way to provide free childcare to aid in making the theatre even more accessible to parents or caregivers.

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