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Ol'Time Carnival: The story must be told

Presented by Cajuca Mas Arts Producers

August 19 - August 19, 2017 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Maidavale Park
1031 Birchmount Rd
Fee:  Free


This event is Accessible.
This event is Family Friendly.

Ol'Time Carnival: The story must be told' is a presentation of the evolution of Carnival; from the days of emancipation to the modern carnival we see on the streets around the world, where Carnival is celebrated. Over 30 performers will be in costumes, ranging from Moko Jumbies with wings (stilt walkers), Jab Molassies (Devils), Jab Jab (Jesters with whips), Fancy Sailors, Baby Dolls, Dame Lorraines, and Masqueraders in modern Carnival costumes. A live drumming band and a DJ will accompany the costumes Narrator.

The presentation itself will be 45 minutes, preceded by the DJ playing old time Calypso. After the presentation, the DJ will resume, and the public will be invited to try on some of the costume pieces and interact with the performers. Where possible each character will have a large backpack as part of their costume to enhance the visual impact.

It will engage experienced, skilled performers like Joel ‘Connector’ Davis, the 2016 Calypso Monarch, Keith Pascall and his drummers, Swizzlestick Theater, Club Carib Dancers, and more.

The presentation itself will be choreographed and each costumed character will have a specific dance and form to represent. For instance, the Fancy Sailors will use their cane to enhance their dance and the Jab Molassies will move among the crowd, taunting and dancing.

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