Let’s Talk Art Workshop Series : Developing your Creative Business Practice

Thank you to all who participated on 2017! Stay tuned for future information about what's coming up in 2018.

Neighbourhood Arts Network and RBC Foundation presents a free workshop series aimed at supporting the professional devleopment of artists. This program will help you to more fully understand your creative practice. In particular, it will enable you to be more informed about how your practice functions as a business. Each workshop can be taken as a separate module, or taken together as a full series.

Workshop Series Description:

Workshop 1 will guide you through the internal structure and functions of a business. It will introduce the Business Model Canvas (BMC) tool, and give you some hands-on practice with applying it to your creative practice. Applying this tool will help you to more effectively understand how to operate the day-to-day internal business functions of your practice, and how well you are doing in each area.

Workshop 2 will examine the different ways that the world around us can influence your creative practice. The workshop will present the STEEPLE tool. It will help you to identify different kinds of external societal factors that you can’t alter, but can be more equipped to navigate. Knowing more about these will enable you to have a more comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and threats to your creative practice.

Workshop 3 will focus on providing you with the skills to evaluate the capabilities of your creative business practice. It will give an overview of the SWOT tool which will help you to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Knowledge of these will give you the opportunity to think of how you can improve you practice for the future, and develop a plan of action. This module can be taken alone, but taking parts 1 and 2 beforehand will equip you with a more comprehensive understanding of your practice which you can feed into the SWOT tool.

If you have any questions about the program please contact angie(at)torontoarts(dot).org